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How was the first President chosen?
ELECTORS (each state had same number of electors as it had senators/ congressman).
e l _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Date President Washington and Vice President Adams took office?
April 19, 1789
First Federal Census count?
4 million
Square footage of Country when George Washington was President?
865,000 miles
Which were the chief cities in 1789?
Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Salem.
Which cities had water pipes?
New York, Philadelphia
T/F? It took 2 days and six dollars from Philadelphia to New York on a stage coach.
Where were the largest stretches of clear land?
Southern New England, and the middle states.
When did Kentucy become a state?
What problems did the government confront in 1792 with transportation and communication?
Poor roads, lack of paved roads, slow mail service.
T/F? It took 2 days for the news of the Declaration of Independance to reach Charleston.
F. It took 29 days.
George Washington's Vice President?
John Adams
George Washington's Secretary of State?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington's Secretary of War?
Henry Knox
George Washington's Secretary of Treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
Nation's First Capital?
New York
How tall was George Washington?
Was George Washington the first President?
Main goals of the new government?
-Raise money to pay off war debts
-Provide for the national defense and deal with the Native American tribes.
-Organized Territories and regulate trade.
-Stay out of war for the next ???? COME BACK AND EDIT!!!
Who advised the first House of Represenatives?
James Madison
How did the House of Representatives raise money for the new goernment?
They passed a modest TARIFF BILL which brought in some badly needed money.
Who wrote the Bill of Rights?
James Madison.
George Washington's Attorney General?
Edmund Randolph
Hamilton's financial plans started as a bill where?
Money bills originated in the HOUSE of Prepresentatives.
Debts of the US at start of Presidency?
$54 Million
We owed $10 million to who?
France and to Dutch bankers. The rest was owed to United States citizens.
States had unpaid war debts amounting to?
20 million
Hamilton saw an ingenious way to use ______ to strengthen the central government?
heavy debt
Hamiltons plan for heavy debt was?
provide capital for a national bank and even create wealth that could be invested in new private eneterprises.
What debts were agreed to be payed?
French/Dutch for future borrowing, and bonds were payed in full.
What deal was made so that debt was made federal?
The perminate location of the capital. It was made Philadelphia for the years 1790-1800 and then moved to a spot on the Potomac River favoring Viriginia and Maryland (both who had already payed off most of their debt).