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what is the segment addition postulate
If B is between A and C, then AB+BC=AC. if AB+BC=AC, then B is between A and C
what are the three undefined terms in geometry
points, lines, and planes
collinear means:
points that lie on the same line
coplanar means:
points that lie on the same plane
what does AUB mean
A union B
what is a postulate
a statement accepted without proof
what is a midpoint
a point that bisects a line or segment in two equal halfs
true or false: A line is a defined set of points
how many subsets are there in a set with a cardinal number of 3?
the square root of 12 simplified is:
two multiplied by the square root of three
What is an equivalent set?
equivalent sets have the same cardinal number
what are equal sets
sets with identical elemnts
what is a set?
a colleciton of elements
what are elements
things that make up a set
what are finite sets?
sets that have a countable number of elements
what does C intersect D mean?
the intersect indicates that which is overlapped
what is a null set
O with a /.
the empty set
what is the complement of C
everything that is not in set C
what does b' mean
the complement of b
how do you illustrate union and intersection
with a venn diagram
what is the symmetric property of equality?
if a=b the b=a
what is the commutative property of addition?
given a, b are real numbers then a+b=b+a
what is the distributive property of multiplication
what is the associative property of addition