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no congruent sides(all different)
Scalene Triangle
Is formed by 2 rays with the same endpoint(called the vertex).
What am I , if I am 181-360 degrees
reflex angle
What am i if I am 0-89 degrees
actue angle
triangle with an obtuse angle
obtuse triangle
a triangle with 1 right angle
Right Triangle
What am I if I am 90 degrees
Right Angle
If 2 angles are added together and the sum = 90 degrees the angle is
each has a special name depending on the number of sides it has
triangle with 3 congruent sides
Equilateral Triangle
deimensional shapes drawn on a plane
plane figures
a closed shape made of 3 or more line segments(called sides)
triangle with 2 congruent sides
Isosceles Triangle
If 2 angles are added together adn the sum = 180 degrees the angle is
If 2 angles are the same they are
What am I if I am 180 degrees
Straight Angle
A triangle with 3 acute angles
acute triangle