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A line that intersects two coplanar lines at two distinct points.
Nonadjacent interior angles that lie on opposite sides of the transversal
Alternate interior angles
Same-side angles that lie on the same side of the transversal t and between e and m.
Same-side interior angles
Angles that lie on the same side of the transversal t and in corresponding positions relative to e and m
Corresponding angles
A proof where arrows show the logical connections between the state ments.
Flow proof
All triangle with three congruent sides
equilateral triangle
a triangle in which all three angles are acute
acute triangle
A triangle with no congruent sides
scalene triangle
A triangle with one right angle
right triangle
A triangle that has one obtuse angle
obtuse triangle
A triangle with two congruent sides
isosceles triangle
An angle formed by a side and an extension of an adjacent side
exterior angle of a polygon
Two adjacent interior angles corresponding to each exterior angle of a triangle
remote interior angles
A closed plane figure with at least three sides that are segments
A polygon that has no diagonal with points outside the polygon
convex polygon
A polygon that has at least one diagonal with points outside the polygon.
concave polygon
A polygon where all sides are congruent
equilateral polygon
a polygon where all angles are dongurent
equiangular polygon
A polygon that is both equilateral and equiangular
regular polygon