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Space is the set of all points
a set of points are collinear iff they all lie on the same line
a set of points are coplanar iff they all lie on the same plane
P is between A and B (A-P-B) iff the points are distinct, collinear and AP + PB = AB
Segment AC is a set of points containing A, C, and all points between A and C
Length of a segment*
The length of a segment is the distance between it's end points
Two segments are congruent iff they have the same length.
M is the midpoint of segment AB iff A-M-B, and segment AM is congruent to segment MB
Ray AB is a set of points containing segment AB and all points R such that A-B-R
Opposite Rays
Ray SR and ray ST are opposite rays iff R-S-T
Bisector of segment
The bisector of a segment is any line, point, plane, ray, or segment that intersects the segment at it's midpoint
An angle is the union of any two noncollinear rays with the same endpoint
Adjacent Angles
2 angles are adjacent iff they are coplanar, have a common vertex and common side, and no common interior points.
Angle Addition Postualte
Pt. 1
If point W is in angle AOB then the measure of angle 2 + the measure of angle 1 = angle AOB
Angle Addition Postulate
Pt. 2
If A-O-B and point X is not on segement AB then the measure of angle 3 + the measure of Angle 4 = 180
An acute angle has the measure of less than 90 degrees.
A right angle has the measure of 90 degrees.
An obtuse angle has the measure of greater than 90 degrees.
Bisector of an angle
Ray BW is the bisector of angle ABC iff W is in the interior of angle ABC and angle ABW is congruent to angle WBC.