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the basic unit of geometry. It has no size. it is infinitely small.
straight arrangement of points. It has infinite length but no thickness
length and width but no thickness. It is a flat surfrace that extends forever.
collinear points
points that lie on the same line
Coplanar points
points that lie on the same plane
the set of all points
line segment
consists of two points and all the points between them that lie on the line containing the two points
end points
the two points at the end of a line segment
The line AB may be written as...
__ __
AB or BA
part of a line that contains point A and all the points that are on the same side of point A.
Ray AB is written as...
The common end point of two rays that form an angle.
Sides of an Angle
the two rays that meet in vertex
Measure of an Angle
the smallest amount of rotation necessary from the overlapping position to thefinal angle.
the unit used for the measure of an angle
the grometric tool used to measure the number of degrees in an angle
Congruent segments
two segments that the same meassure
Congruent angles
two angles that are the same in measure
Incoming angle
the angle formed by the cushion and the path of the ball approaching the chushion.
outgoing angle
the angle formed by the cushion and the path of the ball leaving the cushion
reverse statement
Acute angle
An angle that s less than 90 degrees
Obtuse angle
an angle that is over 90 degrees
The exact middle of a line segment
angle bisector
a line that cut an angle exactly in half
Parallel lines
two lines that are on the same plane and go in the same direction. They never touch and they are always equidistance from eachother
Perpendicular lines
Two lines that meet at a 90 degree angle
Pair of complemetary angles
two angles that add up to be 90 degrees
subpplementary angles
two angles that add up to be 180 degrees
Verticle angles
oppsite angles that equal eachother
closed geometric figure in a plane formed by connecting line segments endpoint to endpoint with each segent interecting exactly two others.
Convex polygon
a polygon in which no segment connecting two vertices is outside the polygon
concave polygon
polygon in which at lesat one segment connecting two vertices is outside the polygon
consecutive vertices
two vertices of a polygon that are connect by a side
consecutive sides
two sides that share a common vertex
congruent polygons
polygons that are exazctly the same size and shape
the sum of the lengths of its sides
diagonals of polygons
a line that connects to angles that are not next to eachother
equilateral polygons
polygons whose sides are all the same length
equiangular polygons
polygon whose angles are the same measure
regular polygons
a polygons whose sides and angles are all equal
right triangle
a triangle that who has one angle that equals 90 degrees
acute triangle
a triangle whose angles are all under 90 deprees
obtuse triangle
triangle who has one angle greater than 90 deprees
scalene triangle
triangle that none of the sides are the same measure
isosceles triangle
a trianle who has two sides that are the same measure
medians of triangles
a line from the top to the bottom of a triangle that cuts the base exactly in half
altitude of a triangle
a line that describes the height of the triangle. A triangle has three different altitudes
a four sided figure inwhich two of the sides are parallel and the other two are not
a four sided figure in which two consecutive sides are the same and the other two consecutive sides are the same size.
a four sided shape whose opposet sides are parallel
any shape whose angles are directly across from eachother (all sides are equal)
a four sided shape whose angles are all 90 degrees
all angles are 90 degrees and all sides are the equalateral
a shape shapes that are connected in height
a base that meets in a point. It has a height
two circles that connected by a height
a globe like shape.
have of a globe
perpendicular bisetor
line that divides the line segment into two congruent parts (bisects it) and that is also perpendicular to the line segment
a line intersecting two or more other coplanar lines
corresponding angles
angles that lie on the same place in each line
alternate interior angles
two angles are the inside of the Z that have the same measure
alternate exterior angles
two angles that are on the outside of the Z that are the same measure
y intercept
the point at which a line crosses the y axis
a measure of the likelihood that an event will have a particular outcome
vertex angle
the angle between the two sides of equal lengths
base angles
two angles on the side of the base
the side between the two base angles
side side side
three paris of congruent sides.. a way to tell congruency
x+x, y+y
midpoint of a line segment