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What is a tourmaline pod?
A brittle, gray, black mineral that appears in igneous rock when it crystallizes.
Cats paw, mineral
what is a xenolith?
A piece of rock within an igneous rock that does
rock within a rock
What is raising a ledge?
Raising a ledge is when you drill holes into a rock, stick dynamite into it, and bow the top layer of rock off the surface.
what is succession?
Changes from early growth to a mature plant community.
Growth, plants
What is a mesic forest?
A forest that needs lots of water.
Water, rain
what is the Marginal Ecotone?
A place the sperates one ecosystem from another.
line, divide.
What is pegmatite?
Coarse, crystallized granite.
Rock, crystal
What is the Core?
The core is the center of the earth.
What is the mantle...
The thickest layer in earth.
What is the crust?
The outer most layer of earths surface