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what occured during the antler orogony?
- Cordilerra mountain building event occurs.

- Makes the crust that the Sierra Batholith intrudes.

- Is a subduction zone of the western boundry of Eiro- American, which produces antler volcanic arc.
What happens with the reversal of the subduction zone during the antler orogany?
380 Ma, Occurs when Euro American continent reaches the subduction zone.
- The antler arc is accreted to Euro-American continent and the Klamoth volcanic arc begins to build on Euro America.
What happens when the Klamoth arc begins to build on Euro- America?
The sediments eroded from these mountains make the rock that are uplifted in the Ancestrial rocky mountains.

This is the first of many events that add accreted terrains to western north america.
What occurs during the Alleghenian and the Ouachita orogenies?
~320 ma
- These are the final events that form Pangea.

- They also up-lift the ancestrial Rocky mountains when south America and Africa collide with Euro America.
What occurs during the sevier orogany?
- JURASSIC to Cretaceous ~165-80 Ma.

- This is a Andean type subduction forming onthe western boundry of North America after the break up of Pangea.

- It also forms the the Sierra Nevada Orogenic Belt including the volcanic arc ( part preserved in Yosemite, Sequia and Kings Canyon) and fold thrust belt preserved to day in glacier national park)

- The Sevier Orogany is not well preserved in the central rockies because it was diced up by later basin and reange extension.