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Who created the theory of Plate Tectonics?
Alfred Wegener
What is the name of the super continent that was suggested to have come together?
What do convergent plate boundaries do?
come together
How fast do convergent plate boundaires come together?
a few cm a year, or about an inch a year
What do transform plate boundaries do?
slide past each other
The San Andreas fault is caused by what two plates?
the Pacific plate sliding past the North American plate
How fast is the San Andreas fault moving?
about 6 cm a year
What type of plate boundary is the San Andreas fault?
a transform plate boundary
What do divergent plates do?
pull apart from each other
How fast do the plates pull apart in the Atlantic Ocean?
about 2 cm a year
What type of plate boundary exists at MORs?
a divergent plate boundary
Which specific types of plates are found at MORs?
ocean to ocean typically. they rarely run through a continent
How long is the Mid-Oceanic Ridge?
50,000 miles long
How old are the oldest rocks on the seafloor?
200 million years
How old are the youngest rocks on the seafloor?
current-the present
A rift zone is the continental equivalent to what?
an MOR
What happens when a rift zone is finally made?
a body of water will form and so will an MOR
What is a rift zone?
a continental plate being broken apart into 2 pieces
What plates are associated with the Andes Mtn. Range?
Nazca plate under the South American plate
What plates are associated with the Cascade Mtn. Range?
the Juan de Fuca plate under the North American plate
What plates are associated with the Marianas Trench?
the Pacific plate under the Philippine plate
How deep is the Marianas trench?
35,797 ft
What plates are associated with the Himalayas?
the Indian plate converging head on with the Eurasian plate
What specific geologic features did the mapping of the ocean floor reveal?
MORs and deep sea trenches
Who mapped the ocean floor?
Harry Hess
How does the sea floor pull apart?
magma continuously wells upward at ridges in opposite directions
Where are theoldest rocks on the sea floor located?
at continent edges
Where are the youngest rocks on the sea floor located?
by MORs
What is the average time between magnetic reversals?
250,000 years
When was the most recent magnetic reversal?
780, 000 years ago
What is magnetic striping?
the periodic reversal of the magnetic field
Why is magnetic striping valuable to dating the ocean floor?
geologists are able to collect and determine the magnetic properties and ages of rocks
Along where are deep sea trenches located?
along the Ring of Fire
What is the Marianas Trench famous for?
the deepest place on Earth
What is the Challenger Deep?
the deepest depression oint on earth
How deep is the Challenger deep?
35,797 mi
What is the significance of the island arc chains when compared to trenches?
trenches usually are in an arc form along arced islands
What is the asthenosphere?
a layer of heated rock that generates the lava from volcanoes