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rock material that can be extracted profitably with existing technology and under present economic and legal conditions
Name the four types of mining.
open stoping, cut and fill, block caving, and room & pillar
occurs when a fault crosses an anticline when there is impermeable rock opposite and above the reservoir rock
fault trap
Give the rule in exploration.
Find a source, a reservoir, and a trap.
energy originating from deep within the earth.
geothermal energy
energy produced by the burning of biomass like organic wastes, forests, and energy crops.
biomass energy
the division a heavy element into 2 lighter elements
nuclear fission
the combination of two lighter elements into one heavy element, simultaneously releasing energy
nuclear fusion
the raw materials from which goods are produced
commodities (agricultural and mineral)
the ratio of the volume of interstices of a material to the volume of its mass
the ability to transmit fluids
a source of supply or support
a naturally occurring inorganic substance
Name 5 properties of minerals.
color, luster, hardness, cleavage, streak, density, opacity,fracture
a concreted composition of minerals
the process by which rocks are decomposed by chemical processes
chemical weathering
the process by which rocks are decomposed by physical forces
physical weathering
the combition of water the is evaporated and transpired by plants
a volume of water that passes a given point in unit time
stream flow
all water sources located on the surface of the earth
surface water
all water sources below ground surface
ground water
Impermeable rocks or structures that block the flow of oil and force it to accumulate into larger bodies.
oil trap
occurs when a permeable sandstone or limestone pinches out updip into impermeable rock
pinchout oil trap