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water from the ground
Where does water in the ground originate?
geologic unit from which you can withdraw water (sandstone)
unit through which water does not tend to flow (shales, mud)
zone Of Aeration
area that cannot be pumped by wells (includes capillary fringe and belt of soil moisture)
Zone of Saturation
when all open spaces of sediment and rock are filled with water
Water Table
a surface that slopes
hole bored into zone of aeration
total amount of pore space
ease with which fluids can move through
2 main reasons that water tables fluctuate
-natural water cycles
Where is most fresh water stored?
-ground water
Is water a limitless resource?
yes, but not clean fresh water
What happens when an aquifer intersects the Earth's surface?
what makes groundwater flow?
What kinds of materials make a good aquifer?
What are some issues regarding groundwater?
1. pollution
2. limited supply
3. overwithdrawal relative to natural recharge rates
Contamination by human activities
-leaks and chemical spills
- biological contaminents
Examples of Chemical Contaminents
-gas tanks
-petroleum products
-radioactive waste
Capillary Fringe
-extends upward from water table- groundwater helpd by surface tension
gaining streams
elevation of water table is higher than level of surface of stream
losing streams
elevation of water table is lower than level of surface of stream
perched water table
as water percolates downward, a portion of it is intercepted by aquitard, creating a localized zone of saturation
Artesian Well
-when groundwater under pressure rises above level of the aquifer