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Strike Slip Fault
The San Andreas is an example of what kind of fault
The composition of oceanic crust is similar to the igneous rock
Crustal Rebound
The rise of earth's crust after a glacier melts is called
The change in size, shape or both of a rock in response to stress is known as
Outer Core
The magnetic field is generated by what layer
S waves, P waves
Name the 2 types of body waves generated by an earthquake
Half life
The amount of time it takes for half the amount of an unstable isotope to decay into more stable product
Compostion of the matter
The classical subdivisions of the earth are based on
S waves
What type of body wave can travel through solids but not liquids
Cross cutting relationship-a feature that cuts across another feature is ? than the feature it cuts across
Richter Scale
Measure of earthquake magnitude that is based on largest seismic wave recorded by seismograph
Position on earth's surface directly above the earthquake source is called the
Explain how an earthquake can generate a tsunami
Explain the difference between a joint and a fault
In addition to ground shaking, list two causes of damage from earthquake
State the principal of Uniformitarianism
Label the geophysical subdivisions of the earth and describe what state the rocks are in.
What is the difference between an open fold and an isoclinal fold. Explain the intensity of stress involved in each.
Label the classical subdivisions of the earth and the boundaries separating them
Sketch an example of the principle of inclusions. Explain the relative ages of the rocks in your sketch
Sketch a map view of a left lateral strike slip fault
List the two types of surface waves and describe their motion
the nature of a lava's mobility(fluidity) is known as
Flood basalt
the largest volcanic eruptions based on volume of material erupted are known as
swamp,damp, wet
In what type of environment does coal usually form?
What type of bonding involves atoms that share electrons?
what sediment size would you expect to find close to the source area of that sediment
Metamorphism that occurs because of close proximity to a magma body is called _______ metamorphism
What is the basic building block of silicate materials
During metamorphism, the recrystallization and formation of new materials w/o changing the composition is called
The ability of a mineral to break along a preferred plane is called
the subatomic particle that is negatively charged is called
Sketch the rock Cycle
How can a lahar from when there is no volcanic eruption
Sketch an example of graded bedding
Create Bowens reaction series
An igneous rock has a porphyritic texture. What does this tell you about its cooling history.
What minerals are the major constituents in mafic igneous rocks
What is the difference between the crystal structure of an amphibole and a pyroxene
Explain how columnar jointing forms
Which is better to build a house by - shield volcano or stratovolcano
Diamonds come from what specific typ of mineral deposit
Draw a guyot
A cohesive mass of material that moves along a curved surface is called a
The process of hot material rising and cold material sinking is called
Mineral deposits that result from the circulation of hot water are called
Runoff from the continent
Terrigenous seafloor sediment is derived from where
It is not dense enough
Why won't continental crust subduct
Clay & Quartz
Name 2 minerals that result from the chemical weathering of feldspar
Ocean/Continent boundary - Cascades
Give an example where subduction is occurring
Earthquakes, heavy rains, Construction/people
List 2 triggers of mass movements
Draw a fringing reef
A mountain range that formed as a result of continent-continent collision is
San Andreas fault
Give an example of a transform boundary
Plants, salt wedging, extreme temps
Name 2 types of mechanical weathering
Debris avalanche
A flow in which the fluid is air, not water is called
What type of soil forms in an arid environment
What is a Benioff zone - sketch might help
Label the parts of a typical ophiolite
Explain the differences of a reserves & resources
Explain the driving forces of plate tectonic.