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A general plan based on methodical observations and experiments.
Scientific Method
What is the first step of the scientific method?
State your hypothesis.
After a series of observations and experiments a hypothesis may turn into a...

A theory is a fact.
A set of hypothesis and theories become a...
Scientific Model
A set of hypothesis that has survived repeated challenges and accumulated a sustantial body of experimental support can be elevated to the status of a...
A precise representation of how a natural system is built or should behave.
Scientific Model
How old is the universe?
1.5 billion years old
How old is our solar system?
4.5 billion years old
How many planets are their?
Our solar system consists of what?
The sun and the 9 planets orbiting it.
Name the two groups of planets.
Jovian and Terrestrial
The group that consists of small, rocky, dense planets is...
Which planets are considered terrestrial?
Venus, Mars, Earth, and Mercury
The group of planets that are large, gasey, and light
Jovian planets consist of...
Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune
Which planet can be described as a small snowball of methane, water, and rock?
Our solar system formed from...
A nebula of gas and dust undergoing accretion.
What is gravitational attraction: the larger a body, the more dust and gas it pulls in.
What are the reasons earth warms uP rapidly?
Accretion - Collisional Heating, Compression - the inner layers get heated, Decay - of radioactive materials inside earth.

Rocks are very good conductors of heat.
Does the earth have layered or uniform composition.

Earth began in uniform composition.
What is the mantle made of?
Different types of solid rock.
Working from outer layer, name the layers of the earth.
Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mantle, Core
The crust is what percentage of the earth's mass?