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Red Sea
E. African Rift Valley
Active Divergent boundary
Cenozoic Orogenic Activity, 2 major mtn bldg events
Cenozoic suduction zone, volcanism
Mtn building, continues now
Alps, Atlas, Andes, Himalayas
active convergent doundary, Africa collides w/ Eurasia, India collision.
Hawaiian Archipelago
Hot-spot formed during cenozoic. shield volcano
NA Cordillera
-Laramide Orogeny
Major thrust of the Rockies
Inland, vertical uplift, shallow subduction. Normal faulting
NA Cordillera
-Vertical Uplift/Shallow Subd.
must be shallow to form mtn on the interior of the continent
NA Cordillera
-Grand Tetons, Yellowstone
Gt from normal faulting
YS modern hot spot
Farallon – San Andreas
subuction zone to transform fault
Basin and Range
-Normal Faulting, Minor Volcanism
Normal faulting, Horst/Graben
Hign mtns, Valley of Fires NM
Colorado Plateau
-Stability, Uplift, Erosion
Broad stable platform of Cenozoic, mesozoic sediments
wind erosion dominant in this era
Grand Canyon, Shiprock
Colorado plateau, Colo river crosscuts preC basement. entrenched river.
Shiprock-Basalt (minor volcanism) remnants of miocene volcano
Colorado Plateau
-Minor volcanism
Some bigger than MtSt Helens, up until 500kya
Interior Lowlands
Basin for sediments shed off of Appal/Rockies. Miss river drainage
Interior Lowlands
-Devil’s Tower
furthest subduction inertoir 1000m NE Wyoming, minor volcanism, columnar jointing
Gulf Coastal Plain
Clastics-Recent and Cenozoic SS&SH, Gulf coast, oil, thick sediments
Gulf Coastal Plain
-CaClO3:limestone shallow marine, FL. No river to transport, 6000' of LS
Columbia Plateau
-Basalt Flows – PNW
Basalt flows from Miocene
Pleistocene Glaciation
Continental glaciation, cyclic patterns,
Luis Agassiz
Harvard-Swiss mathmatician found evidence of glaciation over europe
Formed by glaciation
Found displaced all over terrain
End Moraines
Linear ridge of glacial till that marked the end of the glacier
Striations cut into PreC Sheild by glacier
Wave-cut terraces
Recording of sea levels of the past.
Drowned River Valleys
Esuarty, combo of fresh/salt water
Glaciation Causes
Orbital Shape Changes
Wobbling axis
Distance, equinox change