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Over the last 65 million years the Earth’s climate has
During what period did permanent ice sheets appear in the Antarctica
What is or are the factors that drive climate changes
Changes in the Earth’s orbital geometry and Plate Tectonics
What is the primary source of data that enable the reconstruction of the Cenozoic climate history?
Marine sediments
What information come from the oxygen isotope data
Temperature and Ice volume (the amount of ice at the poles)
The opening of the oceanic gateway and the thermal isolation of Antarctica resulted in
Global cooling
What time period had the highest level of atmospheric CO2
51 to 52 million years ago
What events resulted in increasing temperatures in the Paleocene
Rapid rate of sea floor spreading and Volcanism in Asia
What is the consequence of decrease rate of sea floor spreading in the Eocene
Decrease in Atmospheric C02 and Global temperatures cool
What happened during Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) AKA Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum
Global temperatures rapidly increase, The acid content of the ocean increased, and Atmospheric greenhouse gases increased
For nearly ___________ years Carbon Dioxide and Methane atmospheric gas concentration were stable and in last _____ years the concentration of gases has increased
10,000 ………… 200
At ground level ozone is an ______________ and in the upper atmosphere ozone ______________
Air Pollutant ………… protects the earth from UV radiation
As Earth’s albedo _________________ global temperatures _________
Increases-decreases and increases-increases
Anthropogenic changes to the atmosphere causes ____________ temperature changes, however the overall effect results in a/an _________________
Positive and negative ………… increase in global temperatures
Atmospheric increases in carbon dioxide gas come from the _____ _________ and Methane increases result from ________________.
Burning of fossil fuels ………… agriculture and land use change practices
What continent has shown the greatest increases in average annual temperature?
How does the decrease in sea ice effect global climates?
Decrease is global albedo thus the Earth warms.
What part of the world has experiences the greatest change in climate?
Long proxy records (10,000s to 100,000s years) of changes in temperature and atmospheric gas concentrations can be found in.
Ice Cores
What statement or statements are true about the effects of increasing clouds (water vapor) on the climate change?
There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the over effects of clouds on climate change.
All but which of the following are factors in the Milankovitch theory of glacial growth and retreat.
the speed of Earth's rotation
What is the consequence of increasing the angle of earth’s tilt?
more intense seasonal differences, for example hotter summer and colder winter
Confirmation that change is the three orbital parameters can cause the growth and retreat of glaciers came from ___________ and an analysis of the __________________.
Marine cores ------- Oxygen Isotopes in foraminifera
The oceans play an important role in climate changes because the oceans hold _____________ as the atmosphere
60 times as much carbon dioxide
During the last glacial maximum, mountain glacier grew
Tropics, Southern temperate latitudes, and Northern temperate latitudes
Oxygen isotopes in seawater closely tracks the proportion of the world's water that is locked up in glaciers. When glacier grow -----
There is a higher the proportion of oxygen 18 in the sea water
When there is more ice, then there is an/a _____________ and the earth ___________.
Increase in albedo ________ cools
The Younger Dryas climatic event resulted in _________________ and ______________ Atlantic "conveyor,"
Global cooling ____ shut-down of the
During the last glacial maximum the ocean circulation was different from today
Glaciers advance when
More snow accumulates in winter than melts in during cooler summers.