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The crustal plates of Earth move due to being dragged along with
convection currents in the mantle.
A boundary where two tectonic plates come together, or collide, is called a
convergent boundary.
All of the formulas below represent minerals. Which one contains iron?
The major process that wears down whole mountain ranges is
Extrusive rocks are formed by
magma cooling on Earth’s surface
Which is the correct symbol for the element sodium?
Which is not part of the definition of a mineral?
Igneous rocks are classified by where they are formed. Which type of igneous rock forms underground?
The force behind the movement of
the continental plates is
thermal convection
Oxides are formed when oxygen combines with one other element. Which formula represents an oxide?
Which is the name of the one large continent that scientists believe existed 250 million years ago?
What can we learn by studying fossils?
how Earth’s environments have changed
Which is a chemical formula for a compound?
A. 2Li
B. He
C. NaCl
D. O2
When rocks undergo weathering, they become
The formation of metamorphic rocks depends on all of the following except
Earth’s magnetic field.
A road was made by cutting through several layers of sedimentary rock.
A geologist said that the rocks in the lowest layer were the oldest. Which principle did he use to make that decision?
Water is
a compound
Which is a way to determine if rock layers in different locations in the world came from the same time periods?
Match the fossils in the rock
layers being studied.
Which is the best evidence for the theory of continental drift?
fossils of the same species found
on widely separated continents
Joe exclaimed, These mountains are much younger than ours back East!” Which feature supports his conclusion that the Rockies are relatively young mountains?
They have sharp peaks.