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What is Pedosphere
Phy and Chemical weathering of lithosphere
What are the three Phase of soil
Solids, Liquid, and Gas
How many years does it take to develop 1m of soil discomfument membrane to form
about 10,000 to 50,000 years
What are the two main soil erosion
Sheet flow and mass movements
What is Asthenosphere
A scientific term for a plate which has been consumed by another plate.
What is Lithosphere
The scientific term for the earth's crust. This layer rests upon a hot liquid called the mantle, consisted of magma
what is dominant soil
The soil subgroup or association of subgroups which occupy more than 40% of the area of a map unit.
What is Kimberlite Pipes
the rock formation where diamonds can be found.
What is peridotite
part of the kimberlite pipes that inclusion form the mantle
What is the coesite
part of the kimberlite pipes high pressure quartz less than 300 km depth
how is heat flow generated
it is generated by radioactive decay