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what is latitude & longitutde
make believe lines that circle the earth
what is culture?
a way of life
what is subsustence farming?
people making only enough food for themselves + family
what is urbanization?
the process of becoming urban ( moving to a city)
what is an equator?
an imaginary line of latitude that lies half waybetween the north and south pole
what is revolution?
one complete orbit around the sun.
what are earthquakes?
sudden movements along a fracture in earth's crust(fault line)
a farmbelt where we get our crops (specifically corn)
the capital of ontario, the most populated city in canada
a mixture of different culture
a counrty in north america (montere is the most industrial city in mexico)
roman catholic
a religion found most in latin america
costa rica
a country in south america, the most wealthiest
what are favelas?
huge slums in Brazil (G to the H to the E~T~T~O girl u GHETTO!)
amazon river
major river in south america
major mountian chain in southern europe
the north sea
a major sea between britan, denmark and scandanivia (oil)
a country in europe (largest food producer)
saudi arabia
a country occupying alot of the araibian peninsula
west bank
an area of palestine west of the jordan river
a country in south west asia
a country in west africa
congo river
a in central africa that flows in to the atlantic ocean
what is climate and climate types?
weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
types: humid tropical, tropical savanah,desert, steppe,mediterranean,humid subtropical,marine west coast,humid continental,ice cap,highland,subarctic,tundra
what do polders do?
they keep water of holland
who are austrailias natives?
they are aborigines
coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world. covered 98% in ice
what is the sun made up of?
what are hurricanes caused by?
high and low pressure
what is erosion?
when water, ice or wind go to another location
what form of government did the constituion create?
what is canada's government?
is the u.s a leader in world trade?
yes because we export more than we import
the st. lawrence seaway connects what bodies of water?
connects great lakes to the atlantic ocean
what is a continental divide in the u.s?
crest of the rocky mountains
what mountain range runs through 6 south american counrties?
andes mountains
what are the climate types in mexico?
tierra caliente, tierra frio,tierra tempelado
what are the worlds longest river?
1. the nile 2.the amazon 3.the congo
where do two thirds of argentinas pop. live?
the pampas
the jutland peninsula is surrounded by what waterways?
europe, the north sea & the baltic sea
europe's large industrial center is called ___?
the ruhr valley
major industry takes place around what river in Italy?
the po river
eastern european counrties changed from communism to __?
a free enterprise system
what are the peninsulas in europe and name the countries they can be found on?
&sweden), jutland(denmark), iberian(spain&portugal) & balkan (greece&yugoslavia)
where are the tigris & euphrates rivers found?
in the modern day country of iraq
what country has the largest deposits of oil?
saudi arabia
what is the name of the holy city in saudi arabia?
where are the elburz abd zagros mountains?
in iran
the aparthied is found in what country?
apartness in africa (south africa)
earliest remain of humans were found in ___?
the great rift valley
what is similar about liberia and ethiopia?
they were never taken over by europe
what is africas valuable resources?
gold and diamonds