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Af is a
tropical rainforest
Aw is a
tropical wet & dry savannah
Am is a
Tropical Monsoon
Bw is a
true desert
Bs is a
Csa is a
Cfb is a
Marine west coast
Cfa is a
humid subtropical (east coast)
Dfa/Dfb is a
humid continental, there are none of these in the Southern hemisphere b/c no land
Dfc is a
Et is a
Ef is a
ice cap
An Af can be found
brazil, amazon basin, Congo basin, Indonesia
An Aw can be found
(poleward of Af climate) brazil, venezuela, kenya, nigeria
An Am can be found
india, s.e. asia
A Bw can be found
sahara, atacama, great victorian
A Bs can be found
in the margins of Bw areas... sahara, atacame and great victorian
A Csa can be found
Italy, greece, israel, morrocco, s. cali
A Cfb can be found
Ireland, Britain, Germany, france, west cali
A Cfa can be found
S.E. US, china, argentina
A Dfa/Dfb can be found
N.E. US and N. china
You can't find Dfa/Dfb in this area _______because
Southern hemisphere b/c of lack of land
A Dfc can be found
Russia and canada
An Et can be found
N. Russia and N. Canada --coasts
An Ef can be found
antarctica and greenland
air masses are
large bodies of air, up to a continent in size with similar temp. and humidity
characteristics of an air mass are based on it's
leading edge of an air mass is called a
____ ____ is denser and pushes ___ air up
cold air, warm
violent weather can be caused by
convectional evap., orographic, or frontal
_____ _____ create tornadoes
cumulonimbus clouds
tornadoes can be ___ miles wide
tornadoes are measured on the _____ scale of damage
fujita, F0-F5
Tornadoes are often _____, because they are so small
Where is tornado alley
middle of US, from NE texas up to Illinois
Tornadoes usually come in ____ and in the _____
spring, fall
when CP air meets MT air in the center of the US, there's a greater chance of
______ pressure is associated with tornadoes
hurricanes are also called
tropical cyclones or typhoons
hurricanes can be _____miles
in a hurricane the wind goes____ at the eye
which part of the hurricane has potential to be the strongest
back side, after the eye
hurricanes are measured on the _____ _____ scale
saffir simpson
hurricanes move in a _____ direction
counter clockwise
hurricanes all start as _____ @ what degrees
tropical depressions, 8-15 N/S of the equator
hurricanes need what to get spinning
coriolis effect
climate is
long term average weather
elements of climate:
temp. , precipitation, air masses, pressure zones, wind, insolation, fog, atmospheric moisture