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branch of knowlege concern ed with distributions and interrelationships of physical environments and human behaviors over the earth.
What are the themes of Geography?
Culture Region
geographical unit based on human traits
formal, functional and vernacular
Formal culture Region
inhabited by people who have one or more cultural traits in common such as race or religion
Many can be created
Functional Culture Region
An area organized politically, socially, or economically ie tv station
Vernacular Culture Region
a perception region known by inhabitants and surrounding areas often rooted in popular or folk culture
study of movement and distributions. spatial spread of ideas innovations and attitudes
Expansion diffusion
spread throughout a population from area to area can be divided into subtypes
Heirarchical diffusion
ideas leapfrog from one person to another or one urban center to another temporarly bypassing other persons or territory
Contagious Diffusion
involves the wavelike spread of ideas without regard to heirarchies in the manner of a contagious disease
Stimulus Diffusion
A specific trait may be rejected but the underlying idea is accepted
Relocation Diffusion
occurs when individuals migrate to a new location ie Religion
study of the cause and effect interplay between cultures and the physical environment the human way of meeting physical environmental challenges
Four schools of thought
environmental determinsim, possibilism, environmental percception, humans as modifiers of the Earth
Environmental determinism
Physical environment provided a dominant force in shaping cultures
the environments provides a range of choices
Envirionmental Perception
how the environment is veiwed to be versus how it actually is
Humans as Modifiers of Earth
humans as masters of the Earth