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On which continent is the Gobi desert on?
Is North Pole on land or water?
Are you closer to the equator when you are in Northern Argentina or Southern Argentina?
Northern Argentina
Which province in Canada is fartherest west?
Britsh Columbia
Which state would be considered a southern state: Ohio, Colorado, Pennesalviana, Alabama?
How can you determne direction on a map that dosen'r have a compass rose?
latitude and longitute
What is the captial of Vietinam?
In which state would you find the intersection 90W and 30N?
The folowing three countries have the largest land area in the world 1) Russia 2) Canada 3) China to what hemispheres do they belong to
Russi and china belong to northern and Eastern hemispheres and Canada is in Northern and Western hemispheres
Where is the starting point for measuring longitute?
prime meridian
Where is the the Cape of Hope located?
the southern tip of Spain
Does the Mississippi River flow south or North?
If you were at 90W and 45N in what state would you be located?
What two deserts does the tropic of Cancer cross on the continent of Africa?
Namib and Kalahari Deserts
Which latitude is closer to the to the equator 80 degree or 40 degree North to south? why?
40 degree south because 0 degree is closer to 40 degrees than to 80 degrees
What continents are not crossed by the equator?
Europe, Austraila, Anartica, North america
Which two paralles are the boundries of the tropics?
Tropic of CAncer and Tropic of Caparicorn
What is the capital of Maine?
Which has sunrise first eastern or western Africa?
On what continent is the Gobi desert?