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What are the similarities of the US and Australia?
they were both colonized by the British, speak english, are Christian, clothes, gov./law, island states, size and shape, native people before ( Indians and Aborigines ), settled by minor criminals, high standard of living, both are urbanized, and gold rushes
Why do most people live on the south and east coast of Australia?
it is Marine West Coast - like England
What are the mountain ranges in Australia?
Great Dividing Range and Appalachian
Is Australia or the US more urbanized and industrialized?
What is the nickname for Australia?
Land Down Under
What are some differences between Australia and the US?
Australia is isolated, US has no low latitudes, they drive on the left side, they have School of the Air
What is School of the Air?
kids sit at home in their PJs eating breakfast with a radio and your teacher is talking to you one on one
What are the climates in Australia?
Savanna, Med., Marine West Coast, Humid Subtropical
Does Australia have lots of steel?
Where does Australia export its steel and why?
Japan; so Japan can make the cars and send it back to them
When were the rushes for gold and silver?
What is Australia's capital?
What is Australia's second largest city?
What is Australia's third largest city?
What is Australia's fourth largest city?
Where are Australia's native people from?
africa and asia
What is Australia's native people's lifestyle?
When was Australia settled?
the 1800s
When did Australia become independent?
What is Australia's natural feature?
the Great Barrier Reef
Are there lots of sharks in Australia?
YES :)
What is an atoll?
A circular coral island
What is Australia's main river system?
Murray/Darling River System
If the summers get too hot, where do Australians' sometimes live?
Where is the Opera House?
What is most of the animals in Australia?
What are some examples of marsupials?
tasmanian devil, tasmanian wolf, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and wombats
Do all Australian marsupials have pouches? If not, which ones don't?
No; boys don't!
What are examples of monotremes?
platypuses, ostriches, and emus
Why don't a lot of australian monotremes fly?
They don't have any natural predators
What is the full name of the Australian platypus?
DUCK BILLED platypus
What does koala mean?
"no water"
What are some Australian pests?
sharks, kangaroos, dingoes, rabbits, prickly pear cactuses, moths, and giant toads
In Australia, what animal causes a third of traffic accidents?
What are the natives of New Zealand and where do they come from?
Maoris; they are Polynesian
What is the capital of New Zealand?
What is New Zealand's second largest city?
What is the city in S. New Zealand that is the largest and is traditionally British?
What countries does New Zealand trade with?
US and Japan
What are New Zealand's sources of energy?
hydroelectric and geothermal
What are New Zealand's nicknames?
Land of Fire and Ice and Yellowstone of the Pacific
What are the Pacific Island Groups?
Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia
How did the US get closer to Japan?
Getting control of the Micronesia islands
What Pacific island group is very short in minerals?
Micronesia ( Micro? )
Which Pacific island group has "continental islands"?
What is Melanesia named after ( Melan= ? )
MELANin - the color of skin - so they have very dark skin there
What else ( besides skin ) is Melanesia rich in?
What is the largest Pacific island group?
What are the corner islands of Polynesia?
Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island
What is a monolith?
( Squidward's House :) )
Which Pacific island region do they export shark meat in?
French Polynesia
About how many islands are in the Pacific?
What is the "English-ish" language?
What is copra?
dried coconut "meat"
Who was the first European in Oceania?
Abel Tasman
Who was the second European in Oceania?
Captain Cook
What two things did Europeans bring to Australia?
diseases and guns
What two main things did the Europeans come to Australia to do? ( jobs )
missionaries and whaling :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
What are the three island types in the Pacific?
atoll, volcanic, and continental
Do atolls have a lot of ~ people, good soil, fresh water, vegetation, and minerals?
Do volcanic and continental islands have a lot of ~ people, good soil, fresh water, vegetation, and minerals?
What are the climates of the Pacific island groups?
rainforest, savanna, marine west coast, and vertical
What direction does the wind blow from in the Pacific islands?
east to west
What is windward and what is leeward?
windward: wet, leeward: dry
What are the three Melanesian crops? ( all dark :) )
cacao, coffee, coconuts
What are phosphates made of?
bird poop
In the Pacific islands, are phosphates important?
Which island has 10% of the world's nickel and chrome?
New Caledonia
Where is gold found in the Pacific islands?
New Zealand, Australia, and Papau, New Guinea
Where is copper found in the Pacific islands?
New Guinea and the Solomons