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Why did everyone leave Europe? (CWPOP)
1. Colonization
2. Wars (WWI and WWII)
3. Political and religious persecution
4. Overpopulation
5. Poverty
How many died in the potato famine, and how much did the population decrease by?
2-3 million, pop decreased by 50%
What caused the potato famine?
A blight, a fungus brought from the Americas
After the potato famine, who did the Irish resent and why?
British because they didn't do enough to help
Why did so many young sons leave Ireland?
Because after the famine only the eldest son could inherit land
What region has the largest outflow, and how much over how many years?
Europe, 60 million over last 500 years
Where do the majority of immigrants come from today?
Asia and Latin America
What two things help when trying to be a political refugee here in the US?
Direct Family and Skills
What criteria can certain immigrants have that ban them from entering the US?
Criminal, Communist, having diseases such as tuberculosis
How many legal immigrants are allowed in a year and how many from a certain country?
700,000 a year and 27,000 from any country
How many political refugees are approved a year?
What are the benefits of retaining the rainforest (FAAD)?
1. Future drugs
2. Air filter absorbing CO2 3. Animal and human habitat 4. release of Diseases
Why are the methods of shifting cultivation farming enviromentally friendly (REC)
1. keep Rainforest in place
2. doesnt consume Energy
3. doesnt use Chemicals
What is fallow?
It is when the rainforest is left to grow back, rejuvenate. Usually 10-20 years
Who do saving rainforests come into conflict with?
Timber operations and cattle ranching
Who came to America from colonization to 1840?
Who came to America in the 1840s and 1850s?
Irish and Germans. WANTED.
Who came to American in the 1880s?
Scandanavians, Irish, German
Who came to America from 1900 to WWI?
Asians, about 1,000,000 a year. NOT WANTED.
What is subsistence farm labor in the US?
Using illegal immigrants during intensive labor operation because they work at lower wages
If it is illegal to hire illegals for farm labor then why are there so many (FLERN)?
1. Fines are low
2. Low wages
3. Easily fired
4. Rarely get caught
5. No benefits
What are the two types of migration?
Internal and International
Other names for Permanent Resident?
Resident alien and Green Card
Other names for Illegal immigrant?
Illegal alien and undocumented immigrant
Defintion of refugee
someone forced to leave country for circumstances beyond their control such as: war, famine, enviromental hazard. TEMPORARY.
Definition of political refugee
someone forced to leave for political reasons. Can't go back for fear of persecution/torture/killed. PERMNAMENT.
What happens to refugees until claim for political refugee can be verified?
Held in immigration detention center. Centers are pack full so jails are used now.
What percent of prisoners are illegal aliens?
How many illegals enter every year?
What are two issues does the government has with illegal immigration?
Homeland security and drain on resources
What solutions to illegal immigration have not yet happened?
Criminal penalties for illegals, legalize current illegals, and worker programs
What solutions to illegal immigration have happened or are happening?
local government laws (Hazelton), deportation, increased resources to CIS, build walls, work more closely with states, citizen border patrols
What happened in Afghanistan in 1979?
Soviet invasion, Mujahedeen came from all of the word to join resistance, trained by the CIA
What happened in Afghanistan in 1989?
Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan. Power civil conflict follows.
What happened in Afghanistan in 1990s?
Taliban control 90% of Afghanistan. The rest is controlled by Northern Allience. Al Qaeda forms. Numerous bombings.
How many countries recognized the Taliban as a government?
Who were the only two countries to help the Northern Alliance?
Russia and Iran
What three terrorist attacks occurred before 9/11?
1. WTC bombing
2. Bombing of 2 American Embassies
3. Bombing of USS Cole
Why did Al Qaeda attack the World Trade Center (HISS)
1. Historical resentment
2. our support of Isreal
3. Sympathy for Iraqi people after economic sanctions
4. we Support repressive govt's such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt
What historical resentments do Al Qaeda have against the US (WETC)?
1. Western values such as democracy and gender equality
2. Erosion of tradition islamic societies
3. Technological age and wealth
4. Christian Crusades
What was the purpose of the War on Afghanistan?
To get rid of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda and Taliban gov't that supported them
Who did the US ally with in the War on Afghanistan?
The Northern Alliance
Today Afghanistan has democratic elections. Who is the Prime Minister?
Does prime minister Karzai have much power?
He controls small parts of the country, including the capital, Kabul. The rest is controlled by warlords
What is special about Afghanistan's drug trade?
They are the largest producer of opium
What is the population of Afghanistan, the % below 14 years, the TFR, and the L.E.?
pop = 26 million
43% < 14 years
TFR = 6
L.E. = 47
What about the Taliban today? Are they regaining power?
Yes, they are regrouping in Pakistan
Who becomes terrorists?
Young muslim men disenchanted with life in their countries
Who do terrorist praise as heroes?
Bin Laden and Suddam Hussein
Why is the invasion of Iraq fueling terrorism?
The US is seen as aggressor not liberator
Who supplied fundamentalist Islamic schools and why did it backfire?
Saudi Arabia supplied funding to make them seem more anti-west. Backfired because Saudi Arabia is now being attacked by terrorists.