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Define subsistence farming.
Farming that provides only enough food and animals for the needs of a family or village
Define acculturation.
The process of accepting, borrowing, and exchanging ideas and traits among cultures
Define monarchy.
A system of authoritarian government headed by a monarch - usually a king or queen who inherits the throne by birth
Define direct democracy.
A system of government in which the people participate in decision making
Define rotation.
The spinning motion of Earth, like a top on its axis; Earth takes about 24 hours to rotate one time
Identify the processes in the water cycle.
Identify the five types of climate.
Define absolute location.
The exact position of a place on Earth
What is a dictatorship?
A government run by a dictator who has complete power over a country
Define relative location.
The location of a place as described by places near it
What is a natural resource?
Any useful material found in the ground
What is demography?
The study of human populations, including size, growth, density, distribution, and birth rates
Define representative democracy.
A system of government in which the people elect representatives to run the affairs of the country
What is the plate tectonics theory?
The theory that Earth's crust is made of huge, slowly moving slabs of rock called plates
What is a fossil fuel?
Any one of several nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil, or natural gas, created from the remains of plants and animals
What is global warming?
A slow increase in Earth's temperature due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Define equator.
The imaginary line that circles the globe at its widest point, dividing the Earth into two halves called hemispheres; used as a reference point from which north and south latitudes are measured
Define latitude.
The series of imaginary lines, also called parallels, that cirlce the Earth parallel to the Equator
What is the International Date Line?
The 180 degree meridian; when you cross it, the date and day change
Define precipitation.
All forms of water, such as rain, sleet, hail, and snow, that fall to the ground from the atmosphere
Define longitude.
The series of imaginary lines, also called meridians, that run north and south from one pole to the other
Define migration.
The movement of people from one country or region to another in order to make a new home
Define capitalism.
An economic system in which people and privately owned companies own both basic and nonbasic businesses and industries
Define Prime Meridian.
The imaginary line of longitude that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole through Greenwich, England; it is designated at 0 degrees longitude and is used as a reference piont from which east and west lines of longitude are measured
Define revolution.
One complete orbit of Earth around the sun; Earth completes one revolution every 365.25 days, or one year
Define cultural diffusion.
The movement of customs and ideas from one culture to another
Define socialism.
An economic system in which the government owns most basic industries, such as transportation, communications, and banking; nonbasic industries are privately owned
Define scale.
The size of an area on a map as compared with the area's actual size
Define culture.
The language, religious beliefs, values, customs, and other ways of life shared by a group of people
What is deforestation?
The process of clearing land of forests or trees, usually to make room for farms and homes
Identify map elements that are important to reading any map.
Compass Rose
Longitude/Latitude lines
Define communism.
The theory of government in which property, such as farms and factories, is owned by the government for the benefit of all citizens; a political system in which the central government controls all aspects of the citizens' lives
Define urbanization.
The growth of city populations caused by the movement of people to cities