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Example of religious divisions between N Eurasia and C Europe
Catholic church against Communist government
Most common economic activity of C Europe and N Eurasia
commercial farming
Climate of C Europe and N Eurasia
subarctic, humid continental, tundra
Mountains that lie between Black Sea and Caspian Sea
Most densely populated areas in C Europe and N Eurasia
Poland, Ukraine, Western Europe
Explain the state of health care in C Europe and N Eurasia
under communism, health care provided to all citizens by government, today struggling to rebuild new health care systems – few doctors
How did economy of C Europe and N Eurasia change after breakup of Soviet Union
changed from government controlling everything to producers and consumers controlling business with some government restrictions
Why is multiethnicity common in C Europe
1st groups to invade C Europe were from where
Danube River forms part of natural boundary of what 4 countries
Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine
What 2 countries were part of the Velvet Divorce
Czech Republic and Slovakia
Landform that dominates Poland
North European Plain
Why are there so few Jews in Poland
When were the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined together and when were they peacefully separated
1918 and 1993
How did Albania respond in the past when threatened by its neighbors
Communist leaders turned away from former Soviet Union and China