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What is Mexico's official name?
The United Mexican States
What is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world?
What country is Mexico's most important trading partner?
United States
The two mountain ranges in Mexico are:
Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental
Geographers believe that ____ was once formally attached to Mexico.
Baja, California
What percentage of Mexico's land is good for producing crops?
12% of the land
What percentage of Mexicans work in agriculture
This crop is produced primarily for direct sale in a market, rather than for other purposes
cash crop
When did the land ownership in Mexico change and why?
1910 following the Mexican Revolution, land ownership changed to give Mexican farmers more of an opportunity to own their land.
What percentage of Mexicans work in industrial or service jobs?
What is Mexico's greatest natural resource?
What is the largest city in the Yucatan Pennisula?
Define maquiladors. How many of these are there?
factories in the border cities assembling products for export to the U.S. and other nations. There are more than 2000 of these in Mexico
Where is each of Mexico's six culture regions located?
Mexico City, Central Interior, Oil Coast, Southern Mexico, NOrthern Mexico and the Yucatan Pennisula.
Who invaded Mexico in the early 1500s?
Hernan Cortes invaded Mexico City in the early 1500s.
What are some of the problems faced by Mexico City?
housing shortage, land shortage, transportation congestion, earthquakes, pollution
What happened to prices in Mexico in 1987?
Prices in Mexico doubled in a one year period.