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What is mixed farming?
Both crops and animals farming practised in the same piece of land
Why is it introduced?
To reduce the risk of climatic hazards
What are the crops grown in mixed farming?
sugar beef, oilseeds, barley
What are the animals reared in mixed farming?
Dairy, sheep, cattle, poultry
What is the most important farm product in Saskatchewan?
Wheat farming
What is the most important farm product in Alberta?
Cattle ranching
What is the most important farm product in Manitoba?
Mixed farming
How big is Mr.MacDonald's farm?
250 hectares
What are the advantages of a wooden farmhouse?
1. Cool in summer
2. Warm in winter
Why are trees planted?
1. To give shade in summer
2. Shelter from the strong winds and drifting snow in winter
What crops does he grow?
Wheat, flax, rape, barley
What animals does he keep?
1. Beef cattle
2. Pigs
What vegetables does he keep?
1. Peas
2. Cauliflowers
3. Cabbages
4. Onions
What is fallow land?
Land left without crops to allow the soil to gather moisture so that a good harvest is obtained the following year.
Why does he need so many machines?
To carry out the activities
When does he need help?
At harvest
What is one of the driest part of the Prairies?
Western Alberta
Is using machines suitable in the Rocky Mountains? Why?
No, the grounds are rougher
What is very important in Alberta?
Beef farming
What are the sizes of the ranches in Alberta?
More than 1200 hectares
Is the grass good or poor?
How many cattle will each ranch only keep?
During winter, cattle are fed on what?
What is hay?
Dried grass
Where are the meat packing plants located?
Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg
When are cattle taken to special feeding station?
After 15 months