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Important crop grown in the Prairies
3 climatic hazards faced by Prairie farmers
1. Frost
2. Drought
3. Hailstones

f - cold
d - hot
h - ice
Size of the farm in the prairies
260 ha.
Reason(s) for the use large machines by farmers to do agriculture activities
1. Prairies are vast areas of land
2. Land is flat
1. vast
2. flat
Machines used by Prairies farmers
1. Tractor
2. Plough
3. Seed drill
4. Dusting Machine
5. Combine harvester
6. Truck
Define extensive farming
Farming in large area and using small amount of inputs but the outputs are still high
Farming, large area,
Small Inputs
High Outputs
List reasons why wheat grow well on the prairies
1. Ideally suited to the climatic condition
2. Undulating ground of the prairies
3. Prairies soil is very fertile
4. Good transporting network
5. Good demand world for wheat
transporting network
world for wheat
Main way of transporting wheat
Give 1 explanation by 'Ideally suited to the climatic condition'
Annual rainfall between 250mm and 900mm
Give 1 explanation by 'Ideally suited to the climatic condition'
Temperature is about 15°C, Need for ripening & growing period at least 3 months
Give 1 explanation by 'Undulating ground of the prairies'
Provides good drainage
Give 1 explanation by 'Undulating ground of the prairies'
allow to use large machineries
Give the 1st step how wheat is transported.
Wheat is carried by rail to the lake port (Thunder Bay) for export to Europe
Give the 2nd step how wheat is transported.
At the port, grain is transported from the railway to the ships.(Transhipment)
Give the 3rd step how wheat is transported.
During summer season(months), grain is exported from Churchill on Hudson Bay
Give the 4th step how wheat is transported.
During winter months, Hudson Bay is frozen so Vancouver is used for exporting the wheat
What is the railway called which runs across Canada?
Canadian Pacific Railway
Where does Canadian Pacific Railway go from?
Halifax on the Atlantic Ocean coast
When did Canadian Pacific Railway has been completed?
What did Canadian Pacific Railway has encouraged?
opening of agricultural activity in the Prairies
What was Canadian Pacific Railway used for?
Bring in supplies and carry out farm products