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Around what year did Muslim armies begin to conquer most of Southwest Asia?
800 A.D.
As a result of prevailing subtropical high pressure, what climate covers most of Southwest Asia?
Desert Climate
How many of the metropolitan areas in this region have over 2 million people?
Ten cities
How would you describe most of Iraq in terms of its climate region?
Desert climate
In what countries are most of the worl's Shi'a Muslim concentrated?
Iran, southern Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon
In what year did Israel become a state?
Mecca and Medina are in what country?
Saudi Arabia
Name the ancient group in the region that formed a large trading network.
Name the three major world religions that first appeared in this region.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Tehran is near what mountain range?
Elburz Mountains
The Gaza Strip would be found in what country?
The Great Salt Desert is in what country?
The Strait of Hormuz separates what two countries in this region?
Iran and Oman
The Taurus Mountains would be found in what country?
This is known as a wide arc of productive land that runs along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, through the plains along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, to the Persian Gulf
Fertile Crescent
Why is it sometimes referred to as the Middle East?
The Europeans viewed the region as midway to the Pacific shores of eastern Asia, which was called the Far East.
What are equal opportunitiy for women and independence of children considered wrong?
Because they are a reflection of Western culture.
Which of the three major religions of the region was the first to center around the belief in a single god?
Where do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers begin?
In the Mountains of Turkey
What was the name of the group, that in the 1500's, broke away from the Roman Catholic Church?
What was the name of the empire established in Turkey and ruled in that area until it finally collapsed at the end of WWI?
Ottoman Empire
What three plates(referring to plate tectonics) collided to form the Southwest Asia Region?
African, Eurasian and Arabian plates
What three continents converge at Southwest Asia?
Asia, Europe and Africa
What organization was formed to control world oil prices?
OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
What is the name of the minority group living in the bordering regions of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Armenia?
The Kurds
What is the name of the group who follow the religion of ancient Persia?
What is the name of the ancient group that first developed iron weapons?
What is the name of the ancient group in the region that first developed writing?
What is the major occupation of Southwest Asia?
What is the eastern most country in this region?
This religion was founded on the teaching of Jesus Christ whom they believe was the son of God.
Water rises naturally from these cracks in the surrounding rock. What are they called?
What are five of the products grown in the Mediterranean region of Southwest Asia?
citrus fruits, olives, figs, nuts, grapes
What are streams that flow from humid environments across deserts into seas called?
exotic rivers
What are the important grains produced in the area?
wheat and barley
What are the two branches of Islam?
Sunni and Shi'a
What body of water contains salts that are used in the chemical industry?
Dead Sea
What country in the region appears to have no oil reserves?
What country of the region has the most metropolitan areas with over 2 million residents?
What country of the region is on the Black Sea?
What is the ancient name for the area known as the Fertile Crescent?
What is one of the traditions that Islam shares with Christianity and Judaism?
What is considered the only developed country in the region?
What is a Kaffleyeh?
a cloth headdress that offers protection agains the sun and wind
What is Southwest Asia's richest mineral resource?
What have long been a symbol of life in Southwest Asia but are now used to transport in isolated areas only?
What has led to increased soil erosion in Southwest Asia?
What do you call groundwater in wells that is not being replaced by rainfall?
fossil water
What do Muslims of the region wish to see reduced?
foreign influences on the region
What country, bordering on the Persian Gulf, is closest to Iraq?
Where do you find most of the oil deposits in Southwest Asia?
Along the shores of Persian Gulf and in Iraq