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Great Rift Valley
a large depression in the Earth's surface that stretches from Syria in southwest Asia to Mozambique in the southeastern part of Africa
Lake Victoria
the largest lake in africa that is located between the eastern and western branches of the great rift
Niger River
the main artery of western africa, extending about 2,600 miles in length. It originates in the highlands of Guinea. It flows northeast and then curves southeast to the Nigerian coast
a triangular section of land formed by sand and silt carried down river
Congo River
a river that reaches sea through an estuary
a passage where fresh water meets seawater.
a tropical grassland with scattered trees that covers almost half of Africa.
Namib Desert
a sparse desert along the coast of Namibia with rocks and dunes
Kalahari desert
a very dry desert, that has some spots that support animals and plants. It occupies eastern Namibia, most of Botswana, and part of South Africa.