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What is culture?
The bahaviors, beliefs, customs, and attitudes of a group of people
What is an Ethnic Group?
A group of people who share a common culture, language or history...
What is Dialect?
A local form of language that differs from language in other areas.
What is a Monarchy?
Kings or Queens inherit the right ot rule.
What is a Dictatorship?
People take control of the government and rule the country as they wish.
What is a Democracy?
When people hold the power of the government
What is an Economic System?
List 3 types
Rules for how people decide what goods and services to produce and how they are exchanged.
3 Types:
Traditional Economy
Market economy (free market)
Command Economy (socialism/communism)
What is Cultural Diffusion?
The process of spreading knowledge and skills to other countries.
What are Civilizations?
Highly developed cultures. Four early examples: Iraq, Egypt, India, and China
What is a Culture region?
Differnt countries that have traits in common.