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the climate ____ in latin america
the amazon river basin is ___ and ____
hot and humid
the 3 major factors are
- great distance on each side of the equator
-big changes in elevation
-warm Atlantic and cold Pacific
dense forests made up of different species of trees
the rainforest is abundant in ..., ... and ....
Caribbean, Central, and South
the rain forests form an unique ...
community of plants and animals living in balance
the largest rain forest is the
Amazon rainforest
the Amazon rain forest covers more than .... square miles of South America
2 million
most of the Amazon rain forest is located in ...
the wet and dry climates are primarily found in ..., and they support ...
South America, savannas
grasslands dotted with trees common in tropical and subtropical regions
wet and dry climate areas have ___ climate with ___- rain
hot, seasonal
savannas are found in ..., ..., and ...
brazil, colombia, argentina
the dry climate zones are found in ..., and in various countries of ...
Mexico, South America
the semiarid climate is generally ... with some ...
what are often found in semiarid regions? (2)
vast, semiarid, grass-covered plains
desert shrub
the seiarid regions are found in ..., ...., ...., and ....
Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, argentina
the desert are found in parts of northern ...., the coast of ..., the atacama desert in the northern ...., and patagonia in southern ....
mexico, peru, chile, argentina
The desert are made up of shrubs growing in ___ or ___
gravel, sand
the moderate climates are located ... of the equator from approximately ... in brazil southward
south, rio de janeiro
the humid subtropical areas have .. winter and ..., ... summers
hot, humid
the humid subtropical is found in parts of ..., ...., southern ..., southern ..., and northern... (including ...)
Paraguay, uruguay, southern Brazil, souther Bolivia, and northern Argentina including Buenos Aires
the vegetation in humid subtropical is ...
the mediterranean climate experience ..., ... summer and .., ... winters
hot, dry
cool, moist
the mediterranean climate is found in part of ... along the west coast
.... in USA also experience the mediterranean climate
the marine west coast climate are characterized by ..., ... winters and ..., ... summers
cool, rainy
mild, rainy
the marine west coast climate runs along the coast of southwestern .....
south america
parts of southern ... and ..... have the marine west coast climate
chile, argentina
... or .. in the US have experience the marine west coast climate `
oregon, washington
the marine west coast climate vegetation is typically ...
the highland climate vary from ... to ..., depending on ....
moderate, cold, elevation
other factors of the highland climate include ..., ..., and ....
wind, sunlight, and landscape
the highland climate are found in the mountains of ... and ....
mexico and south america