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The people who live along our west coast in California are in the ____ time zone?
Lava means
Liquid rock
Some of the rocky surfaces in the central part of the United States were caused by...?
The only one of the Great Lakes that is completely within the boundaries of the United States is Lake...?
The mountain range which is found in the western part of the United States is called...?
The coastal plains region in the US is found in the...?
Southern States
One would expect to find the Piemont region of the US near...?
Appalachian Mountains
Distances which are measured in degrees are measured north and south from the...?
The eastern half of the US was explored mostly by men from...?
One of the largest regions added to the US was...?
The Louisiana Purchase
Geography may be defined as the science or study that deals with the...?
Earth and its features, including the effects of human activity
Geography is closely related to the system humans have devised to measure the passage of time because our concept of time is based upon...?
The movements of the plannet upon which we live
____ falls within the thrid centry A.D.
A.D. 210
A ___ is required for the Earth to complete one revolution around the sun.
___ is an abbreviation used to designate time that has elapsed since the starting point of our calendar.
Which one of the following correctly pairs a French City with the river on which it is located?
Which one of the following is true about the Continental shelves?
A nation's jurisdiction extends to its continental shelf.
The areas of extreme temperatures are located in the...?
Temperate Zone
Which one of the followinf Asian nations is a food-surplus rather than a food-deficient region?
Burma (Myanmar)
In the vicinity of the 100th meridian in the US a farmer would Most likely...
Grow wheat with dry farming methods
Which one of the following regarding the physical conditions of Africa south of the Sahara is INCORRECT?
*Coastal plains occupy a large portion of the total area.
*The coast is critically lacking in good harbors.
*Most of the rivers are broken by falls and rapids close to the coast.
Coastal plains occupy a large portion of the total area.
The US must import most of its supply of...?
Manganese and Nickel
Winds that reverse directions in the summer and winter are the...?
The Volga River empties into the...?
Caspaian Sea
A population distribution map of South America would show that...?
75% of the people live within 200 miles of the coast