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What are Regions?
A Region is an area that is different from the area around it.
What are the 5 great lakes?
Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan.
What does HDI stand for?
Human Development Index
What are Landform Regions?
A part of the earth with the unique set of physical features.
Name a place where they have an Emerging Industrial Economy?
Central America has an Emerging Industrial Economy.
Name 3 different characteristics of the Canadian Shield?
Trees, Soil, Water.
When its 2:35 in Vancouver, what time is it in Halifax?
When its 7:00 in Calgary, what time is it in Montreal?
When its 5:30 in Toronto, what time is it in St. Johns?
Where is the richest Oil Resources in the world?
The Oil is richest in The Middle East.