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Why is Newfoundland’s time only half an hour different?
Because there are two parts of Newfoundland and they have different times so they made it only half an hour different and so it’s easier for people.
What is gross domestic product?
The population of one country divided by how much they make a year.
What’s the middle of the earth which calculates the longitude and the latitude for the west and the east?
Its in England the city called Greenwich.
What is the oldest plate on earth?
It is the Canadian Shield it is 3.1 billion years old.
What is the HDI index?
It’s a measure of the “quality of life” within a specific country.
How do you calculate time differences?
a) Find out your time zone and the other time zone.
b) Calculate the time zone difference.
c) Find out if the other time zone is ahead or behind yours.
d) Calculate the time in the other time zone.
What is the adult literacy?
The percentage of the population, aged 16 and older that can read.
What is the diversified economy?
Most of the employment is in services, but all sectors of the economy are represented.
How do telecommunications help people around the world?
It helps people keep connected with each other and tells people what’s happening around them or if a volcano going to blow or weather hazards are going to happen.
What is the average income per capita?
The total amount of money generated within a country, divided by the total population of that country.