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when the river has to flow around deposition so it forms channels and then meets back up as one river
flood plain
area of land that is adjacent to the lower/old course
deep curves or bends in the river's path
this is formed when the end of the spur is cut off by erosion
when smaller channels or streams break off from the main river
when smaller streams or channels flow into the main river
this is formed when the river is very large with alot of load in it.It is a triangular area at the mouth of a river where it spreads into branches
slip off slope
on the inside of a river where it deposits load it forms a smooth surface which is called a slip off slope
sides of hills and mountains which jot out to form the path of a river
interlocking spurs
sides of hills or mountains jotting out on either side of a river
these are raised river banks and they are formed when the river is in spate( flooding)
on the outside of a river is called...
the concave river bank
on the inside of a river is called.....
concave river bank
What 2 things are needed to form a waterfall
hard and soft rocks
oxbow lakes
these are shallow, crescent-shaped lakes which are the remains of a former course of a river
if the river flows over an uneven bed, this may cause the water to swirl. The pebbles carried round and round by the swirling water eventually wear away circular depressions in the river bed. This gets deeper and is known as potholes
deep v-shaped valleys are also what?
ravines or gorges
vertical erosion
this is when the river cuts downwards into the ground
headward erosion
when the river erodes upstream
river basin is also called a what?
drainage basin