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What does limestone consist mainly of?
calcium carbonate which is insoluble
Why are rain water and rivers able to remove limestone in solution?
Because the carbon dioxide which rain water absorbs from the air turns the insoluble carbonate into soluble bicarbonate.
What is one of the most noticeable features of a limestone landscape?
The almost complete absence of surface drainage.
How are grikes formed and what are the intervening blocks of limestone surface are called?
When joints rapidly beocme excavated and deepened,with the result that the surface becomes criss-crossed with wide irregular gullies,known as grikes.
How are underground rivers formed?
When rising rivers in anon-limestone region sometimes flow into a limestone region,the rivers diappear into vertical holes and continue to flow as underground rivers inside the limestone.
What are the vertical holes called and how are they formed?
swallow holes or sink holes,they are formed by rivers and they are ususally widened vertical joints.
Give an example of a sink hole.Swallow holes may join together to give a very large opening called ...and dolines that join up to give even larger openings are called..
Gaping Ghyll in Yorkshire England.a doline.uvala
Name one cave of great size.
Carlbad Cave(New Mexico- U.S.A)is 1200 metres long and 183 m wide.
How does a gorge develop?
Sometimes the roof of an underground cave or cavern collapses and a gorge,with almost vertical sides,then Gorge,U.K
Where do rivers reappear after they diappear underground when entering a limestone region?
They reappear on the surface again where the junction of the limestone and the underlying impermeable rocks meet the surface
In Yugoslavia and other parts of the Mediterranean region,these soils are usually red and valuable for farming,it is called...
terra rossa
What is limestone quarried as?...
A building stone and for making cement
Chalk like limestone is made of __________ ________ but it is much softer than limestone.
calcium carbonate
Describe chalk's surface.
it is usually undulating with rounded hills called downs in England,and wide open valleys which are usually without rivers.
Chalk is a ___________ rock and rain falling on its surface will....
porous,rapidly soaks into the ground