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Region & Realm
The largest unti that the world can be divided into
Cultural Groups
Groups that have a shared set of beliefs a way of life a technology and often but not always shared technology
Culutral Groups Sharing
Alll cultural groups have ways of passing on their culture which are based on knowledge systems which are based on a set of values which are not clearly objective
What does Religion Embody
The value system
How languages are in the world
What is climate a major determinant of
Agriculture which is a determinant of culture population
How do climates migrate
North and South with the seasons
What is climate
The absorption of incoming solar radiation
What are the three cells of wind
Hadley Cell, Ferrel Cell, Polar Cell
What is the GNP
The Gross National Product is the measure of an economic production of a country
What is Formal and Informal Economy
Formal occurs within a legal framework and it is recorded. Informal is work done with out cash payment and it is not recorded ( cash made under the table)
What are the 4 levels of economy
Primary - agriculture
Secondary - manufacturing
Tertiary - activites that provide services
Quatiary - high end information, highend banking
What is Global Basis
cheap labor used on enviromental resources found in lesser developed countries. local elite but into the situation and establish a strong manufacturing base
What are the four points of growth
1 Most growth is in poor areas
2 Most growth is occuring in citites
3 A mismatch between wealth and need
4 Most high growth regions infrastrcuture have very young populations
What did Thomas Malthus argue
He argued that population growth increases geomatrically