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Cardinal Directions
The main directions; north, south, east and west
Inset Map
A small map within a larger map.
Lines of Latitude
The lines that go from east to west.
Intermediate Directions
Directions which are between the cardinal directions
A member of a town, state or country
An action that makes something happen
Something brought about by a cause
A small map or picture of a globe where an area of a main map is located in a state or country
Secondary Source
A record of events by someone who was not there at the time
Map Key
The part of a map that explains what the symbols on the map stand for; sometimes call a map legend
The Lines of Longitude
The lines that go from north pole to south pole
The way people use resources to meet their needs.
A unique way of life that sets a group of people apart from others
Primary Source
A record made by people who saw or took part in an event
A person who studies geography
Physical Features
Landforms, bodies of water, climate, soil, plant and animal life and other natural resources
To break something down into its parts to see how these parts connect with each other
A painting technique that shows the differences between things that are close and things that are far away
Map Title
Words on a map that describe the subject of the map.
The boxes that the latitude and longitude lines form.
An area on earth who's features make it different from any other area
Historical Empathy
Understanding the actions and feelings of people from other times and other places
An organized group of people living and working under a set of rules and traditions.
Absolute Location
Exact location on Earth
The study of the Earth's surfaces and the way people use it.
Compass Rose
A direction marker on a map
Human Features
Buildings, bridges, farms, road and people themselves

A record of events in the order in which they happened
Relative Location
What a place is near or what is around it.
Map Scale
The part of a map that tells a comparison of distance on the map itself and the distance in the real world