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What are the 5 topics of geography
Location, Regions,Movement,Human-environment interaction,Place.
what two types of locations are there?
Absolute and relative
Absolute location is?
Latitude and Longitude
Relative location is?
Compass Rose
In Geography what do you learn about regions?
The Common Characteristics
List the Common Characteristics for Regions
a. Culture b. religion
c. economic d. lanquages
e. climate f. land form
What are the types of Movement?
1. migration
2. transporation
3. communication
What are the two features for Place?
1.human features
2.physical features
Under the topic "place" what are the human features
a. population
b. animals
c. town and cities
What are the Physical Features for place?
a. Landforms
b. cllimate
c. natural destructions
example: earthquake
In Geography what type of interation do you learn about.
Human-Environment Interation
What is Human-Environment interaction?
how we change environment or adapt.
Examples of how we adapt or change things
a. build damns
b. natural resources
c. fish
d. cities