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Define Globe.
a scale model of Earth useful for looking at the entire planet or at large areas of its surface
spherical map of earth showing grid lines and tilt
Define grid.
the pattern of lines that circle the planet in east-west and north-south directions
pattern made by waffle iron or jock name for football field (_____iron)
Define latitude.
a measure of distance north or south of the prime meridian.
synonym: parralels
Define longitude.
a measure of distance east or west of the Prime Meridian.
synonym: meridians
Define Equator.
the imaginary line of latitude that lies halfway between the North and South
Poles and circles the globe.
When sailors cross this imaginary line they are initiated by being thrown off ship into the ocean and have an ear ring put in their ear as a symbol
Define Meridians
synnonomous with longitude lines which measure distance east and west but run north and south and connect at the poles.
not parralel but are farther apart at the equator and meet at the poles.
Define degree.
a unit of latitude and longitude; 1/360th of a great circle. A degree is composed of 60 minutes with a minute having 60 seconds
1/360th of a great circle
Define hemisphere.
half the earth; divided north and south by the Equator and east to west by the Prime Meridian.
Eastern, Western, Northern & Southern
Define island.
a body of land surrounded by water. It may be small ( as in coastal islands) or as large as a continent ( Australia and Greenland)
a word developed from the French word iland by the English in 18th C. into isle and island. " isolated by water "
Define ocean.
the entire body of salt water which covers approx. 72% of earth's surface.
It is subdivided into 4 main bodies: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic and their extensions into Antarctica
from the Latin word Oceanus meaning "a great river encircling the earth"
Define map.
a flat diagram of the Earth's surface that has two main types: Physical & Political
derived from a Mediterranean Latin word
Mappa meaning "napkin"
Define atlas.
an organized collection of maps in one book.
Indirectly taken from a Greek word for a mythological figure who held the world aloft on his shoulders; Atlas.
Define map projection.
the various ways Cartographers present our round planet on flat surfaces. All types have some distortion of scale. The Robinson Projection type has the least distortion.
three types are cylindrical, conic, and flat-plane. The Mercator type is cylindrical.
Define Great-Circle Route.
an imaginary line which is the shortest route between any two points on the planet. Used by airplanes and ships for navigation.
The equator and prime meridian are examples of Great-Circle Routes.
Define directional indicator.
shows which directions are north, south, east,and west. The primary directions are called "Cardinal" with secondary directions called "Intermediate" ex. northeast
Examples are the Compass Rose or North Arrow.
Define scale.
an element of a map that indicates distances between points on the map.
map distance translated into real world distance.
Define legend.
an element of a map that explains what the symbols on the map represent; also called the "key"
contains symbols representing real life objects.
Define compass rose.
a directional indicator that has arrows pointing north, south, east, and west.
"boy scout tool with a sweet smell"
Define Mental Map.
a map that we create and see in our minds to help us make sense of the world.
The detective made a ______ ______ of the crime scene.