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the winning of independence by colonies
Mohandas Ghandi
leader of Indian nationalists, en-couraged passive resistance against the British colonialists
Kwame Nkrumah
used strikes and non-violent protests to pressure into granting Ghana it's freedom
Jomo Kenyatta
mistaken for being responsible for Mau Mau rebellion; thrown in jail for 9 years; won presidency
Sekou Toure
leader of Guinea, chose complete independence from France
Patrice Lumumba
elected premier of Congo; country immediately thrown into turmoil due to army mutiny
Nelson Mandela
led fight against apartheid (racial separation)
Nnamdi Azikiwe
first leader of independant Nigeria movement, supported Biafran Secession
Leopold Senghor
prizewinning poet of african traditions
wole spyinka
first american to win nobel peace prize in literature
fidel castro
dictator of cuba
Martin Luther King Jr.
leader of American civil rights movement
john glenn
first man to orbit the earth
neal armstrong
first man to walk on the moon
the ayatollah
religious leader of Iran; took u.s. citizens hostage
memmi's theory
imperial colonialism is bad for everyone
how memmi's theory hurt europians?
because they knew it was wrong and had to live with the guilt
how memmis theory hurt africans
the africans people who's land was colonised
De Gaulle's 2 options
remain independent with representation in French assemble and have France write their foreign Polocy OR
be completly independent with no ties to France
policy of racial separation and excluding black native Africans from rights/jobs
Pan Africanism
movement to unify all african people (failed)
and what the europeans did (in referance to Pan Africanism)
encouraged differences between tribes to keep africans from joining together against the europeans
biafran secession and how it happened
musilms attack christian Igbo people and kill 10,000 of them
spread of the dessert due to overusing oil
salk vaccine
prevents polio
describe the 3 assassinations
president kennedy, martin luther king, jr. and presidential candidate robert kennedy
who captured berlin after WWII
the soviet army
how east germans kept people from escaping
the berlin wall
how many people died trying to escape
80 people
when did the wall come down
how did the watergate scandal end nixon's career?
democratic party headquarters broken into trail leads to white house, nixon refuses to hand over secret audio tapes then hands over only half; people cry out for empeachment, he resigns
after the berlin airlift, how did germany and berlins status change
Germany'sstatus changed, east germany became communist and went germany became a free country. The rold of Berlin now was a political battle ground
describe the 4 routes of independence taken by African nations and give an example of #1
1) The constitutional route - nonviolent demand for freedom, 2)the rebellous to legal route - rebellion delays independence, 3) the French give their colonies a choice, 4) and the violent route. example of 1) = nbrumal used strikes and nonviolent protests to to get freedom from the british for Ghana