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In what country is the Aswan Dam located?
In what contemporary country was Mesopotamia located?
How is the Islamic Financial Services Sector different from the traditional International Banking system?
It does not charge interest.
Which country has the largest known oil reserves in the world?
Saudi Arabia
In which country are Palestinians currently seeking a homeland?
The location of the population in North Africa/Middle East is most dependent on access to oil. True or False?
(pretty sure it's water)
Which country of Southwest Asia/North Africa has the highest population density?
The kibbutz, a collectively worked settlement that produces grain, vegetable, and orchard crops by using irrigation, is found in Israel.
What percentage of Saudi Arabia's labor force is foreign?
What country of Southwest Asia and North Africa has seen hundreds of thousands of its people leave the country since 2003?
Which religion is most common in Southwest Asia and North Africa?
Sunni Islam
In which country is Judaism the dominant religion?
Which country has three important religions?
Sufism and the Druze religion, which are variants of Islam, are practiced by relatively few people. T/F?
Islam is the dominant religion in Southwest Asia and North Africa. T/F?
Which religion is most common in Southwest Asia and North Africa?
Sunni Islam
Christians are found along the Nile River. T/F?
In which country is Judaism the dominant religion?
What is diffusion?
spread of an idea, a religion, a product, a disease––any entity––over a geographic area and during a specific period of time.
Which country has three important religions?
Where did Islam originate? aka "the hearth"
Saudi Arabia-city of Makkah (Mecca)
622 ce
Sufism and the Druze religion, which are variants of Islam, are practiced by relatively few people. T/F?
Most people in Indonesia and Malaysia are Muslim, as are some of the people in the southern part of the Philippines. T/F?
Islam is the dominant religion in Southwest Asia and North Africa. T/F?
Which of these countries once had many Muslims but is no longer under Muslim dominance?
Christians are found along the Nile River. T/F?
What is diffusion?
spread of an idea, a religion, a product, a disease––any entity––over a geographic area and during a specific period of time.
Where did Islam originate? aka "the hearth"
Saudi Arabia-city of Makkah (Mecca)
622 ce
Most people in Indonesia and Malaysia are Muslim, as are some of the people in the southern part of the Philippines. T/F?
Which of these countries once had many Muslims but is no longer under Muslim dominance?
In which of the following places did Islam arrive most recently?
Central Asia
Jerusalem is smaller than one mile wide by one mile long. T/F?
Three of the four quarters of Jerusalem are named after religions. T/F?
What is the primary cause of the salinization of soils in North Africa and Southwest Asia?
Environmental problems facing North Africa/Southwest Asia?
water shortages
Turkey is the most seismically active country of Southwest Asia/North Africa.
The Kurds are a nation without a state.
What is physiological density?
a population statistic that relates the number of people in a country to the amount of arable land
Which country in Southwest Asia and North Africa has taken steps to join the European Union?
What was the GreenRevolution?
plants would grow taller & fall before grain could mature when used fertilizers
solution was cross-breed new "dwarf" crop strains that would respond to heavychemical fertilization by producing extra grain rather than longer stems
used nitrate
result in agricultural self-sufficiency but also ecological &social disaster because pollution
The Green Revolution in South Asia
relied in part on newly developed varieties of crops.
In 2007, India signed an agreement with another country that could improve its energy and environmental outlook. What country was it, and what did the agreement specify?
India signed an agreement to encourage Japanese companies to invest in India's energy sector and transfer energy-saving technology.
What is the main reason why urbanization is increasing in South Asia?
changes in the economics of agriculture resulting in greater mechanization
What are the Tamil Tigers?
a rebel force in Sri Lanka
Why is Bhopal, India known?
It was the site of a 1984 explosion at a fertilizer factory that killed over 2,500 people.
India's economy is most advanced in what economic activity?
software development
Which of the following is true of Hinduism?
Hinduism lacks a single, uniformly accepted belief system
What territory in South Asia is claimed by both India and Pakistan?
Kashmir (and Jammu)
Bangladesh gained its independence from India in 1971 T/F?
Most of Pakistan's people are Muslim. T/F?
Pakistan was once part of a British colony called "India." T/F?
Pakistan has become more closely connected to its neighbors in Southwest Asia in recent years T/F?
Pakistan is made up of a small group of islands. T/F?
False (it's disturbing if you got this one wrong)
Pakistan has nuclear weapons. T/F?
What animal is considered sacred among Hindus?
The Buddha was born into a wealthy family in Northern India. T/F?
What is the most common employment for today's Indian immigrants to the United States?
What is the BJP in India?
Bharatiya Janata Party political party through which Hindu nationalists gained considerable power in the1990s ad led to widespread agitation against the Muslim minority
Most of the people are Hindu, but about 15% are Muslim T/F?
What country of South Asia has been one of the most successful in the region in reducing its fertility rate?
(from 6.3 to 2.4)
What role does the Grameen Bank play in Bangladesh?
It provides low-interest credit to fund small-scale enterprise
Which country in South Asia is only 6 feet above sea level at its highest point, and therefore is most threatened by rising sea levels predicted to accompany climate change?
The Maldives
When did India and Pakistan receive its independence and from whom?
Britain in 1947
What are the two largest countries in South Asia?
India &Pakistan
What is the Indian Subcontinent?
separates the rest of Asia by formidable mountain ranges
What rank does India hold in the world's largest land area?
What rank in theworld does India hold in regards to population?
2nd to china
Bangladesh's land area is comparable to what U.S. state?
What is the quadrilateral highway?
massive multi-billion dollar road project designed to connect Inida's four largest cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai &Mumbai)
Environmental issues in South Asia?
Monsoon flooding
Cyclones in Bangladesh
Wildlife extinction
Himalayan glaciers melting
maldives disappear with climate change
overuse of groundwater resources
increase in use/emission of greenhouse gasses
What are the Fur subregions of South Asia?
Mountains of theNorth
Indus-Ganges-Brahmaputra Lowlands
Peninsular India
The Southern Islands
The Maldives are formed by how many islands?
1,200 (only 1/4 are actually inhabited)
What is the monsoon?
seasonal change of wind direction that corresponds to wet and dry periods
from June - October
created from the buildup ofheat over South &Southwest Asia producing a large thermal lo pressure cell which is strong enough to draw in warm air from Indian ocean creating monsoon
affects ALL ofSouth Asia
Orographic rainfall
results from theuplifting and collin gof moist monsoon winds over the Western Ghats
A 2007 report about climate change in India suggests how many people may be displaced bythe end of the century due to 3.3 foot rise in sea level?
7 million
India, although signed theKyoto Protocol in 2002 was exempt from themain provisions of the treaty T/F?
India will need to triple or quadruple energy supply if maintain 8% economic growth over next quarter century. t/F?
Indian government created own panel to monitor climate change because didn't trust UN Inergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. T/F?
What Indian state would be 6th largest in the world if independent?
Uttar Pradesh (183 million people)
Pakistan still lacks effective family planning. T/F?
What is the goal of Bangladesh's National Population Policy 2010 program?
to reduce TFR to 3 by 2015
The most densely populated areas in South Asia coincide with what?
fertile soils & dependable water supplies
South Asia is one of the leasturbanized regions in theworld. T/F?
True-only 35% is urban
most live in rural villages
The agricultural situation over mechanized farming has led to what social issue?
epidemic of farmer suicides
What are South Asia's 3 crop zones/ 3 primary subsistence crops?
rice, wheat and millet
In what country is the world's largest cattle production?
buildup of salt in agricultural fields -major constraint
capital of India?
19 million people
In 1971 Bangladesh received independence from what country?
Major urban cities in South Asia
Delhi, India
Karachi, Pakistan (largest urban area)
Islamabad, Pakistan = forward capital
most cities = planned
What is a forward capital?
city that signals, symbolically and geographically, the intentions of the country
What is caste system?
strict division of society into different hierarchically ranked hereditary groups
What are the three main caste groups of India?
Brahmins-members of traditional priestly caste
Kshatriyas-members of the warrior or princely caste
vaishyas-members of the traditional merchant caste
Sudras-mostly peasant farmers & craftsman

Separate is Dalits or untouchables (technically illegal in India)

caste system is diminishing due to govt, globalization & economic needs
India's Muslim community make it the world's 3rd largest group. T/F?
South Asian Muslim communityis the largest Muslim community in theworld. T/F?
combination of Hindu & Islam ideals
Punjab state in India is mostly sikh
What is Jainism
religion born out of protest against Hinduism
forbid the killing of any living creature - won't even farm because could kill small creatures & insects
Who was persecuted in Gogra, Pakistan in 2009?
Christians - Muslim extremists burned 40 houses & church killing 8
What language family do the South Asian languages belong to?
Dravidian-unique to South Asia
Most widely spoken language of South Asia?
What is linguistic nationalism?
linking of a specific language with nationalistic goals
What language was declared the official language of India in 1947?
How many languages have been declared official in India?
Top Oil consuming states
Top Oil producing states
Saudi Arabia
Where does U.S. get its oil?
Saudi Arabia
We would still have to rely heavily on North Africa and Southwest Asia if we switched from crude oil to natural gas. T/F?
What are the names of the Middle East?
Dry world
Arab World
Islamic World
Middle East
Characteristics of Middle East?
Arid climate
persistent political instability
huge fossil fuel reserves
Islamic culture/heritage
Saudi Arabia's Water Politics drama?
depleting groundwater as extending farm acreage with deep water irrigation
Libya's hydro-politics issue?
Great Man-Made River using South's underground water for the Northern populations
By 2025, over withdrawal of what natural resource will be overwhelming in the Middle East?
What is physiological density?
number of people per unit area of arable land
what is arithmetic density
total number of people in proportion to the land area
What age group is seeing a huge population explosion in ME/North africa?
mostly young- leading to high unemployment rates
Highest population density in ME/North Africa?
Iran's Population problems are a result of what?
1979 Iranian revolution and Shah's dream of Shia muslim domination through huge population
he's since died and they're realizing their over pop. problem
Why is the belief that we need to stop relying on ME oil misleading?
1. We don't get most of our oil from ME
2. China would fill our void
Why does Saudi Arabia insist on maintaining an oil price balance?
If price it too high, gives incentive to seek alternative fuel source but if priced too low don't make as much money
How did Saudi Arabia retaliate Iran's attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister?
pumped more oil than necessary causing Iran's regime to tank
What percentage of world's oil reserves is in ME?
how many barrels of oil are left in the world?
1 trillion-approx less than 100 years worth
What does oil have to do with our invasion of Iraq?
some argue we were trying to guarantee democracy in a high oil-production state- problem was they fairly elected a terrorist group and it backfired on us
What rivers lead out of the Dead Sea?
Why is water withdrawal more prevalent in ME than anywhere else?
1. population boom
2. no other water so have to go underground
What is the PKK?
Kurdish Workers Party-Turkish government not giving any money to Kurds
How does Turkey's water fight with Syria affect us?
NATO Art. V-if they want to go to war, so do we
What region in the world has the fastest growing population?
ME & N Africa
Why are the Kurds a fan of U.S. presence in Iraq
we killed Hussein who was killing the Kurds
What countries in ME & N Africa have TFR below 2?
What country is a good model to show how to slow population growth?
Iran - implemented forced family planning, restricted maternity leave, freely distributed the pill
What is the Burj Al Arab?
Only 7 star hotel in the world in Dubai, UAE
where is Palm Island?
Dubai, UAE
Women have limited role in formal economy & politics in ME & NAfrica. t/f?
What are the 3 major religions of ME/NorthAfrica?
Islam (sunni)
What percentage of Muslims are Arabs in the world?
Where was Muhammad born?
What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
Pilgrimmage to Mecca (hajj)
formal prayer 5 times/day (salat)
tax for the poor/charitable contributions (zakat)
fasting during Ramadan
What are the major religious cities for Islam?
Mecca-birthplace & center
Medina-home of Muhammad
& Jerusalem-where Muhammad ascended into heaven
Sunnis & Shiites division was created by the argument of Muhammad's successor. What did each believe?
Sunni-passed through clergy
Shiite-passed through family
What is a choke point and where are they?
International trade point that's very tight "bottle neck"
(40% of all ME oil goes through Strait of Horrmuz)
Suez Canal
Strait of Hormuz
Strait of Tiren
Strait of gilbatrar (Look at map for rest)
What is Diaspora?
the spreading out of Jews
first led by Moses out of Egypt, kicked out by Romans, had 2,000 years without home so Palestinians moved in during that time
What is Zionism
belief in the right of return for Jews
term coined by Hertzl