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what is geology
the sructure of the earths physical structure and history
what is the crusts surface made out of
rocks and minerals
what is minerals
broken up rocks basic form ingrediants
rocks are made up of how many minerals
2 or 3
name three rock types
igaeous sedimentry metamorphic
how old is the igaeous rock
what is igaeous rock made of
formed by volcanic activity
how old is sedimentry
what is sedimentry made from
formed on earths surface
metamorphic is how old
how is metamorphic rock formed
fored from other rocks, squeezing and pressing together
what is climate
decides on how wet or hot a place is
how does water cycle
it turns into a gas from heat then stays in the clouds and falls then starts all over again
what holds heat on the earth
the atmospere and carbon dioxide
describe three causes of acid rain
burning force burning gas burning trsh anything that polutes the air
what is the break down of rocks
when ice gets into cracks of rocks what is it called
frost wedging
when the roots go through the rocks what is it called
root wedging
the condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time is called what
what is the date of summer solstice
june 21
what is the wrod equinox mean
equal night
on the equinox the most driect rays of light hit what
how long does it take to make the earth to go fully around the sun
365 1/4
during the winter solstice the suns hit what
when the earths rotation defkects or bends the earths wind is called what
corliolus effect
what are the three steps of the water cycle
evaporation condousation precipitation
what is the climate influenced by
the sun,the tilt of te earth, wind currents, living on the coast, water cycle (precipitation), elevation
what is continental divide
it is the boundary that seperates rivers flowing toward opposite side of a continent
how is the earths heat distributed
what are the three types of zones
tropic polar temperate
what causes day and night
the rotation of the earth
what causes seasons
the earths tilt
what is weather
condition of the bottom layer of the earths atmospere in one place over a short period of time
what is climate
weather pattern an area experiences over a long period of time
what is the source of the earths climates and weather
what is the source of the earths climates and weather
what is erosion
movement of weathered materials such as gravel soil sand
what causes erosion
wind water glaciers
what does water do
water carries sediment, which helps carve out canyons, and valleys
moving water is the greatest cause of erosion
what does wind do
second major cause of erosion
carries sediment and puts it somewhere else
what does glacier do
hose, slow moving sheets of ice
carries dirt rocks and boulders
create morainers
what are the most common causes of erosion
wind water glaciers
what is loess
the wind blown deposits of mineral rich dust and silt
what is moraines
when glaciers melted and receded in some places they left behind ridge like piles of rock
what is conferous
the northern forests are named conferous after the cones that carry and protect their seeds
what is chaparral
another distinctive forest type which includes small evergreen trees and low bushes or scrub
what is savannas
a tropical grassland with scuttered tree located in warm areas
what is tundra
where temperatures area always cool or cold
what is fronts
the boundary between two masses of airthat differ in density
what are the two dates of soltice
june or december 21
what are the two dates of equinox
march or september 21
what the steps of hydrologic cycle
evaporation condounsation precipitation
how does the human impact effect the climate
polution gas burning force ect
how does the human impact effect the climate
polution gas burning force ect
what are the three types of precipitation
convectional oragraphic frontal
what is chemical weathering
the procees by which the actual chemical structure or rock is changed, usually when water and carbon dioxide cause a breakdown of the rock
what is physical weathering
the actual breaking up or physical weaking by forces such as ice and roots
why is it colder the higher you are
because you are farther from the wrmth your closer to space which is freezing
what is the winds role
it is supposed to move the temperatures around creating high and low pressure areas
what is the currents role
it is supposed to help distribute heat