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Were a group of people who had broken away from the church of England because of religious differences
Propreietary Colony
Was one directed by thoseto whom a charter had been granted
Royal Colony
Was one directly governed by the king
Was both a church and a British government district
French and Indian War
It ended in 1763
A group of what plantation owners called "undesirable people" who moved from Virginia and the Carolinas to settle in the middle and western parts arts of the colony
Political or economic freedom
Navigation Act
Of 1763 said the colonies could only British vessels to ship their goods
Stapm Act
In an attampt to raise enough money to pay for the French and Indian War
Liberty Boys
A group of georgians came together to oppose the Stamp Act
Who remained loyal to Great Britian
Who joined others in the colonies to seek freedom from British rule
Townshend Act Of 1767
Which placed import taxes on tea ,paper,gless,and coloring for paints.
Quartering Act
The citizens of all colonies had to house and feed British soldiers at their own expense
Second Continental Congress
A meeting of th ecolonist asking King Gorge 11 to not take further unfriendly steps against the coloies and to create an army which was to be led by George Washington of Virgina
Declaration of Independence
A document signed on August 2,1776 by the colonists seeking independence from England
Articles of Confederation
A set of rules that formed the first constitution of the United States of America
Treaty of Paris
An agreement ending the French and Indian War