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portion of the seafloor adjacent to the contintents. it may include continental shelf, slope and rise
continental margin
the gently sloping surface at the base of the continental slope
continental rise
the glently sloping submerged portion of the continental margin, extending from the shoreline to the contiental slope
continental shelf
the steeep gradient that leads to the deep ocean floor and marks the seaward edge of the continental shelf
continental slope
the rigid outer layer of earth, including the crust and upper mantle
region in the upper mantel (beneath lithosphere) where rocks melt to form magma.
about 5 miles thick, composed mostly of basalt
high density
oceanic crust
about 5-40 miles thick, consists of many different rock types
low density
continental crust
in any undeformed sequence of sedimentary rocks, each bed is older than the one above and younger than the one below
law of superposition
a rock or fault is younger than any rock or fault through which it cuts (whatever is cut is the older event)
law of cross cutting relations
time perid can be recognized by its fossil content
law of faunal succession
everything that happens today, we can assume happened in the past
principle of uniformitariansim
very level area of the deep ocean floor, usually laying at the foot of the continental rise
abyssal plain
the portion of the seafloor what lies between the continental margin and oceanic ridge system
deep ocean basin
a narrow elongated depression of the seafloor
deep ocean trench