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106. What groups are at war in the Sudan
Muslim Arabs and Christian/animist Africans
107. What type of economy did Tanzania attempt after colonization
villiagizations and collective farms
108. When did Black South Africans leave the reserves and move to cities
109. Why did South Africa do away with apartheid
sanctions by US and Europe, so economy down
110. Problems that Rwanda and Burundi share
ethnocracies, Tutsis against Hutus
111. Angola and Mozambique were both colonies of what European nation
112. How did the government of Kenya encourage economic growth
113. How did Tanzania turn its failing economy around
abandoned socialism
114. What is the world’s largest democracy
United Nations
115. What causes heavy rains in S Asia
What S Asian country doesn’t have tropical rain forest ecosystem
117. Countries found on the Indian subcontinent
Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan
118. Does India have access to electricity and TV
119. How are Nepal and Bhutan similar
physical features, climate
120. What happened during the Indian Migration in 1947
many died