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60. Why are relations between Turkey and Armenia bitter
Turks tried to deport Armenians and many died in genocide
61. Why are foreign investors hesitant to invest in oil exploration in Azerbaijan
62. How did the Soviet Union’s policy towards farmers in Kazakhstan affect them
forced to settle down and farm
63. Physical landscape of Africa characterized by what
64. Where was the slave trade most active in Africa
coastal kingdoms
65. Why have Arabian Peninsula countries stressed the need to invest in other industries besides oil
oil run out and need backup
66. What was granted to the Palestinians in the 1990s to prevent further conflict in the Mid East
more land and Israel formed
67. What group makes up ½ of Jordan’s population
Palestinian Arabs
how have the Israelis overcome the problems of limited farmlands
drip irrigation
69. What ethnic group makes up 20% of Israel’s population
70. What region of Lebanon did the Hezbollah control
South, near border
71. Does Syria have arable farming land
72. Primary economic activity of Yemen and Oman
farming and herding
73. What makes travel to the interior of Africa by water route difficult
rivers don’t lead everywhere
74. Which country has the higher population and population density: South Africa or Mozambique
South Africa