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Malagasy have strong ties with the french and live on the largest islan in the indian ocean name this island
Women traditionaly wear an abbay or dark garment over modern clothers in manama the cospolitan capital on which country
the cultures of goa have been influenced by both hindu and roman catholic traditions goa is a state in which country
strong ties to the see and sailing characterize the city of genoa geneo is a port in which country
steel drums acoustic musical instruments created from finely tuned oil drums orinatted in which country just north or venezula
trindad and tobago
magyars moved into the middle danube river basin more that 1 thousand years ago .Today they are the premominant ethic group of which central european country
the shiite muslims of azerbaijian have much in common with thier ethic relatives in which neighboring country to the south.
the two largest ethic group amhara make up about two thirds of the population in which landlocked country west somali
the people of which island country southeast of india are predominantly sinhalese
sri lanka
which country moved its capital from istanbul to the more centrally located ankara in the 20th century