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45. 2 countries known for rug making
Armenia and Azerbaijan
46. C Asia and Caucasus were at one time both part of what
47. Types of pollution in Azerbaijan
air and water
48. Primary use of land in C and SW Asia
nomadic herding/livestock raising
49. M. Gorbachev
glasnost(free speech) and perestroika
50. When did Soviet Union collapse
51. Iraq’s most important economic activity
subsistence farming/nomadic herding
52. Syria’s prosperity is based primarily on what
land and location/farming and reforms
53. When did Jordan lost most of its best farming land
54. What ethnic group rules Israel
55. Primary religion of Armenia
Orthodox Christianity
56. Consequences of diverting water to cotton fields in C Asia
less fresh water, sea shrinks and gets saltier, losing 2/3 of volume, fishing industry dies
57. Kara Kum and Kyzyl Kum
deserts in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
58. Is desertification more likely to be a problem in C Asia or the Caucasus
C Asia
59. Is grain growing a key economic activity near the Black Sea in Georgia